303 Esports’ Mirari speaks on state of Valorant in exclusive interview

303 Esports’ Mirari speaks on state of Valorant in exclusive interview

Run It Back recently had the chance to speak with Carter “Mirari” Brooks of 303 Esports. The organization signed the Valorant roster back in May and since then, the squad has been trying to work its way up the ranks of North America. Mirari spoke on the NA region as well as the current meta of Valorant in this exclusive interview.

How has Valorant been for the team since the full release?

303 Mirari: We have been really enjoying the game and playing a lot of it. One thing I personally like about the game is how much the devs care about the game and how you can see that through their frequent updates. It is a refreshing thing to see especially coming from Counter-Strike.

The full 303 Valorant roster consists of the following players:

  • Carter “Mirari” Brooks
  • Austin “Saucetin” Hirons
  • Nicholas “Stealthy” Petrakos
  • Jack “JAQeBOI” Morris
  • Chris “Rebo” Heindel
  • Gannon “RaptorZ” Nelson (Coach)
  • Brandon “LCRY” Bartling (Team Manager)

What’s your opinion about the North American Valorant scene?

303 Mirari: The NA Valorant scene is very competitive. There have been many tournaments with different teams winning, meaning there isn’t a “number 1 team” at the moment which is very interesting to see. Our team is trying to prove ourselves as a top-level team through these tournaments.

303 has recently been playing in numerous weekly online tournaments. Perhaps their most notable finish was a 1st place victory at the Esports Arena Tournament #3.

How did the 303 Valorant squad come together?

303 Mirari: Austin, Jack, and I all played Counter-Strike together for 5 ESEA seasons ultimately quitting after season 31 of Main. We all got back together around the time Valorant was coming out and quickly fell in love with the game. We knew Rebo from Counter-Strike since we used to scrim his team a good bit. After picking him up he introduced us to Stealthy, who he competed on ESEA with to complete our lineup.

Image via 303 Esports

What are your thoughts on the evolving Agent meta in Valorant? Is 303 following a strict meta or going with a more free approach?

303 Mirari: We have made many changes to our comps to see what fits our playstyle best. I definitely think it will be interesting to see what teams come up with and practice. I believe people can win with almost any comp as long as they put the time in to practice it and perfect what they need to perfect.

How does the team go about practicing? Is there a certain number of scrimmages you like to do a day or is it more played by ear?

303 Mirari: Usually, we start practice with 1-2 hours of custom time/vod review time which we then carry over what we gathered from that into our scrims for the night, typically playing 5-6 scrims a night. Our only off days are Tuesdays so we are definitely putting as much time in as we can to improve and prove that we are a top-level team.

What’s one thing you believe the team can improve on in the coming weeks/months?

303 Mirari: Our team could definitely improve on just consistency of play, which really comes with time. If we can manage to play at our highest potential in every tournament, we have a really good potential to upset teams and win tournaments.

With the recent Guardian buff, do you think teams will start to take advantage of it or keep going with the Phantom/Vandal?

303 Mirari: The guardian getting buffed definitely hasn’t changed much in my playstyle. I feel like people usually will have the money for a phantom or vandal on buy rounds or would rather opt for light armor than getting a guardian and 2500 is still too much to consider buying on eco-rounds.

We wish nothing but the best for 303 Esports in all of their future endeavors.

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