Team Envy signs food to Valorant squad

Team Envy signs food to Valorant squad

Team Envy has announced the acquisition of Victor “food” Wong. The former T1 player, will be joining Team Envy’s Valorant roster.

food finds a new home

Following the failure of T1 to leave a mark on the North American Valorant scene, the top NA organization has decided to switch things up by letting go of food and Austin “crashies” Roberts. While T1 has yet to announce replacements for the two ex-CSGO pros, Team Envy has seized the opportunity and acquired food.

The addition of food to Team Envy’s roster means that one of the current players will need to leave the team. Envy currently has a fully stacked roster, featuring the likes of Pujan “FNS” Mehta, or Jake “kaboose” McDonald. The organization has not yet announced whose place food will take on the team.

Team Envy kicked things off in Valorant with a 5th-8th place finish at PAX Arena Invitational. The NA team has only been getting better however, as Envy reached the final of the recent Pop Flash event. Unfortunately for them, they were eliminated by Sentinels in dominant fashion, 3:0. It seems like the team wants to be able to challenge the likes of Cloud9, Sentinels, and TSM, and food will be the provider of extra fragging capabilities on the roster.

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