The Joy of Kill Boxes: Defensive Setups for Killjoy’s Turret and Alarmbot on Bind

The Joy of Kill Boxes: Defensive Setups for Killjoy’s Turret and Alarmbot on Bind

Killjoy is in a tough spot right now in terms of the current Valorant meta. Higher levels of play usually see Cypher preferred over Killjoy. However, this doesn’t mean Killjoy is useless at all. To get maximum effectiveness out of Killjoy, you need to think slightly differently using her kit as opposed to Cypher.

To this end, you need to take into account what makes her kit unique compared to Cypher’s kit: the ability to do damage. Her Nanoswarm grenades certainly provide that damage potential, but her Alarmbot and Turret are overlooked because they don’t do as much damage as the Nanoswarm. This is a mistake, because when used together, the Turret and Alarmbot can be used to harass and weaken foes who are unlucky enough to cross their paths.

In general terms, the best way to accomplish this is to think of them as tools in a kill box. What we mean in this particular instance is placing your Turret and Alarmbot in locations where they can ambush would-be attackers, so you can kill them easier with your own weaponry while they’re distracted. Here are some spots on the map Bind where you can best put this concept to work.

A Site

There is one particular Turret placement on A Site that can provide maximum coverage of the location as possible. This way attackers are tracked by it no matter what angle they come from. This is by the entrance to the Bath side (otherwise known as A Long).

As the video demonstrates, make sure to place the Turret in the corner opposite of the boxes, so it has a field of vision that can see attackers emerging from both the Bath and A Short. Your Alarmbot can be placed at either the Bath or by the big boxes on A Short, but make sure to place it just out of sight so enemies are taken by surprise. We recommend placing the Alarmbot behind the boxes on A Short instead of Bath, though, because it’s harder to see around that corner. Then you can perch like a sniper on the ledge way in the back of A Site and have both angles covered.

B Site

With B Site, you have a little more freedom to place your Turret. Many higher-level Killjoy players place it on the top of the shed next to the Gardens entrance (a.k.a. B Long), which is certainly a great location. However, there’s another spot that many players don’t consider which can be equally as effective: the boxes by the Hookah window (a.k.a. B Short). If you tuck your Turret in that corner, it can ambush and distract those unfortunate enough to look before leaping out of the Hookah window and attackers coming out of B Long. It also ensures a little more survivability of your Turret, and you. Check out the video below for more details.

As for the Alarmbot placement, even though in the example above it’s used inside of the Hookah, an equally good placement is just around the corner and out of sight at the Gardens entrance. The principle remains the same: place it out of sight so the enemy can’t react to it until it’s too late.

Killjoy may be a little harder to use than Cypher but her kit can still be useful if you remember the unique properties it has. If you just want information-gathering, Cypher is superior in that realm. However, if you want to ambush attackers and catch them off guard, that is where Killjoy’s kit excels.

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